• >>>>Ed's band, Highland Soles : Learn about this great family band, with calendar, news, teaching info on music and dance, past gigs, a video and more.
  • >>>> : New website gives you a chance to check out recordings, projects in progress, live performances and videos; learning materials for fiddle; read articles Ed has written for Scottish Life magazine and a music blog; visit the store for various goodies; have a discussion...
  • >>>Buckdancer's Choice : Portland store with supplies, books, and a music school--Ed teaches lessons here on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • >>Finger Finder : Ed's invention for finding where to place your fingers on the violin in any key. It's set up like a slide rule--click on the link for more info.
  • >>Johnson Strings : Shop online for anything violin-related, also good for rentals of student-quality and higher-quality violins. Located in Newton, Mass., so shipping is pretty quick.
  • >>Maine Fiddle Camp : Fiddle camp is for individuals and families--camp out for a weekend in June or for either of 2 week-long camps in August. Ed teaches the second week in August. This is one amazing experience! (Great food too!)
  • >>Shar Music : Great online source for violin-related supplies, good prices and selections; located in Michigan, so a little longer shipping. Services include good bow service--they'll send out a case of 4 bows for you to try and buy one or send back for more samples.
  • Learn fiddle online! : live online classes and videos with Ed Pearlman