Some call it playing, some practicing. Sometimes Practicing (with a capital P) feels like an ominous word--no one /ever feels they've Practiced enough! I say: Play fiddle every day, even if for only a few minutes. Your playing muscles like it. It keeps your hand in, makes you conversant with the instrument, and when you have time & inclination to get into it for longer, it will be that much more fun. "The more you play, the better you get. The more you play well, the faster you get better." (as quoted from myself)

Most lessons are at my home studio; these have to be arranged by email or phone.  If you register (click "Registration" above), we can discuss times and you'll be able to log in to see scheduled lessons and classes.

Payments for lessons or classes are made to the teacher monthly in advance or at the first lesson of the month, by cash, check, or credit card.  Payment receipts are emailed to you and all payments and charges can be viewed on this website.  Credit card payments, including automatic monthly payments for flat rate students, can be done via this website or email link. Credit/debit cards can also be used at lessons.

Class Rates
Classes are offered either online, and paid through, or locally at the Portland Conservatory of Music (775-3356 for info and signup). Classes are shown on the calendar as well.

Private Lesson Rates
Regular Weekly Students: Each month, students can reserve 4 half-hour weekly lesson slot by paying $100 ($200/month for one-hour time slots). A cancellation by the teacher can be rescheduled or credited towards the next month.  Credits can be carried for 4 weeks.  In certain time slots, weekly 45-minute lessons can be scheduled at $152/month; please ask if interested.

BiWeekly Students:  A few students take regular lessons every other week, and can pay the monthly rate in advance or at the first lesson of the month.

Single Lessons:  Single lessons can be scheduled at $28 per half hour, $42 for 45 minutes, or $56 per hour lesson. 

Cancellations:  Single lessons can be cancelled without charge at least a day in advance; half-price is charged for same-day cancellations with more than an hour's notice; otherwise, full price is charged.  Monthly lessons that have been paid in advance cannot be cancelled without charge, but if more than a day's notice is given, lessons can be rescheduled within 30 days, or time can be added to scheduled lessons if possible.

Notes on How to Cancel:  I have to actually receive notice of the cancellation.  This means:  1) talk to me on the phone; 2) if you leave a message on a phone system or by email, make sure you get a confirmation from me; or 3) click on the lesson in the online calendar and cancel it there by the end of the previous day; this information is readily available to me when I view the calendar and is also emailed to me.